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 CPEC - China to take over Pakistan's agriculture.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Schedule

ہم بنگلہ دیش میں محصور پاکستانیوں سے لا تعلق کیوں ہیں؟

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Saudi Arabia to assist Israel

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Mr Moonís victory was no surprise: he had led the polls for four months. Support for his liberal Minjoo party hit a record during the campaign, which reaped the benefits of South Koreansí bitter disappointment with Ms Park

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Artificial ovary may boost fertility

Populism vs Nationalism - elections in France not yet over

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When Erdogan embraced Modi, Kashmir kept Crying.

Pakistan's Foreign Office - an utter failure?

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Afghanistan Army Chief Forced To Resigned

Punjab Nahi Jaungi! Pakistan screen awakens.


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Spying in the modern times.


CPEC - threats and potential - an assessment.

Musharraf wants to return Pakistan Former military ruler wants to return Pakistan and get himself cleared off serious cases. Pervez Musharraf who ruled with US assistance for almost a decade has serious charges from treason to assassinations...

What Nasa's Cassini spacecraft bold mission means to humanity?

Nasa's Cassini spacecraft is in the midst of  its daring last journey - as scientists wait to see stunning pictures we have never seen before of the perspective between Saturn and its rings.

Saudi Arabia fuels war in Syria Experts on in Syria argue about the extent to which the Saudis and the Qataris knowingly funded Islamic State and various al-Qaeda clones, reports UK based daily Independent.

Pakistan's Big DATA. Pakistan's population census may reveal some surprising DATA. Yet land revenue record may require serious political will to update it, The Friday Time reports...

Controversial Hindu priest chosen as Uttar Pradesh chief minister

A firebrand Hindu priest who praised Donald Trumpís Muslim ban and once likened the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan to a terrorist has been chosen to run Indiaís most populous state.

Bangladesh Won't Be The Next Pakistan, And That's Ok Bangladesh doesnít have what it takes to be the next Pakistan. When it comes to its equity market potential, that is. But it is still a good bet for adventurous investors.


Pakistan's economy witness significant increase, Forbes. Pakistan's economy has witnessed significant increase during the recent years, claimed a leading international magazine Forbes.


Definition of nationalism in India. Kolkata, is yet to adopt the new definition of nationalism in India. West Bengal resonates with support of Kashmir, Shujaat Bukhari Reports for The Friday Time


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India's Dangerous Gamble on Balochistan.

Sadiq Khan, among the Best Dressed Men

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Cricketers are threatened by safety rules - join a discussion now!

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