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Cricket Helmets are not safe?

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Melbourne Tops the livable cities list

Pakistan's Failed Foreign office frustrates PM over Kashmir.

Canadian Muslims are happier than the rest.

Honour-killing not encouraged by religion

F 16: US Congress concerned over possible use against India

The Art of Solar Energy.

Pakistan is reluctant to investigate fraud, extortion and money laundering.

Pakistan’s dubious distinction.

Top song this week

Women Sleep more than men, study.

Women as a whole appear to sleep for 30 minutes longer on average than men, going to bed slightly earlier and waking up slightly later.

CPEC - threats and potential - an assesment. Long-term political stability in Pakistan is key to success for Pakistan's regional economic pursuits. Pakistan's security situation suggest a troubled future unless sustainable democracy takes root.

Why 0.5°C matters? A study estimates that it could have huge consequences for coral reefs, crop yields and fresh water availability. By analyzing climate models used in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, a group of researchers found “hotspots” that would be disproportionately affected by the half-degree rise .

What is QWERTY Effect?

Researchers have unveiled a strange trend in the recent past not observed so far. They believe that QWERTY key boards have changed the way we think about others and even about the objects and other utilities, reports New Scientist  magazine

Communism Stalks Indian Politics? For a generation, power in Kerala has alternated between two left-of-centre coalitions. Tamil Nadu, meanwhile, has been in thrall to parties that both make “Dravidian progress”—a reference to South India’s linguistic and racial separateness from the “Aryan”, Hindi-dominated north—part of their name.

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UK to reduce defence budget over grim economic outlook.

Economic changes after the vote to leave the European Union could see the defence budget reduced in real terms, a committee of MPs and peers says.


India's shame. India is world’s biggest user of groundwater, drawing more than U.S, and China combined. Poor water management in India is depriving Pakistan of vital life line.  The country will need to become far more efficient in the way it uses water.

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Too much steel too low prices; why?



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