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India Censors Kashmir map in The Economist

Indiahas ordered the distributors to place stickers over Kashmir maps depicting it a disputed area. Only recently some 28000 stickers were placed on an issue of the Economist that showed clearly areas of Kashmir under Pakistan and Indian controls.

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Crisis in Indian Intelligence

How Pakistan failed at Heart of Asia

ISIS and deadly connections being hushed-up in Pakistan.


English Cricketers to face DRS Trial against Indian Spin.

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Pakistan prepares to bid farewell to a living legend.

ہم بنگلہ دیش میں محصور پاکستانیوں سے لا تعلق کیوں ہیں؟

Women Sleep more than men, study.

CPEC - threats and potential - an assessment.

یہ خط کیسے پہنچا؟

Pakistan's Failed Foreign office frustrates PM over Kashmir.

Honour-killing not encouraged by religion

Definition of nationalism in India. Kolkata, is yet to adopt the new definition of nationalism in India. West Bengal resonates with support of Kashmir, Shujaat Bukhari Reports for The Friday Time

Artificial ovary may boost fertility. A SYNTHETIC ovary that could help older women conceive is a step closer. Initially intended for women who have undergone cancer treatment, the prototype is the first artificial organ capable of keeping human egg-producing follicles alive outside a woman’s body, reports New Scientist magazine (To Subscribe New Scientist magazine in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & UK, please click here). 

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Saudi Planes hit a funeral to kill over 200 in Yemen “Surely enough is enough,” said Stephen O’Brien, the UN’s emergency relief co-ordinator, in response to the attack on the funeral. But new reports of civilian deaths are coming in from the central city of Taiz

Asia Bibi - a test case for all. It is apparent that when Asia Bibi's case is decided a pressure on the government and judiciary will determine the institutional strength of democracy

India's Dangerous Gamble on Balochistan. India's Prime Ministers direct reference to Balochistan is has exposed the designs in the minds of Modi. Indian press has saner elements too.

Climate Change & Pakistan. A recent study that analyzed decades of migration data in Pakistan revealed that although people may leave their homes after a flooding event, reports Scientific American magazine

North Korea is Scared.  North Korea’s increasing forcefulness is making the international community extremely nervous. It is thought to have a stockpile of some 20 devices to which it adds one every six weeks.

Women Imam in Copenhagen. Rows of women knelt and touched their foreheads to the ground — a rare sight, given women are often encouraged to pray at home or privately, or relegated to small, uninviting women’s sections at mosques.

Why 0.5°C matters? A study estimates that it could have huge consequences for coral reefs, crop yields and fresh water availability. By analyzing climate models used in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, a group of researchers found “hotspots” that would be disproportionately affected by the half-degree rise .

Buy a special report on India's River Diversion Plan and South Asia's Waters (Available in Print only) Price Rs 80  

What is QWERTY Effect? Researchers have unveiled a strange trend in the recent past not observed so far. They believe that QWERTY key boards have changed the way we think about others and even about the objects and other utilities, reports New Scientist  magazine

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Communism Stalks Indian Politics?

Top song this week

Canadian Muslims are happier than the rest.

The Art of Solar Energy.

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