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Muslim Woman to Stand Against Putin in Russian Elections. Aina Gamzatova, a successful journalist and the head of Russia's largest Muslim media holding, was nominated as a presidential candidate by a local initiative group in the Russian Republic of Dagestan in late December and is running as an independent.


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UAE Turkey: Row over Madina Manuscript Deepens

Who wants a War in Middle East

German pilots refuse to deport rejected asylum seekers

Catalan politicians struggle with Spanish prison regime

China Blames Rohingya Muslim for Crisis.

Afghanistan & the New Great Game

Venezuela Elections

US Russia Relations

Saudi King Visit Russia

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North Korea launches fresh missile over Japan


Zakir Naik wanted to Interpol

Turkish Army Lands in Somalia


Saudi Arabia introduces 'sin tax'

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Moon Jae-in wins South Korea’s presidential election

OBOR - One Belt One Road

India going digital

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US plans to divide Syria


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Rebels in Ukraine

Ukraine - A divided history

India's Mars mission

Iran Slips into Chaos. It is unusual for demonstrations to escalate across the country or to mix political slogans with other complaints.

India leads in global milk production India has outpaced the global milk production with an annual growth rate of 5.53% compared with the 2.09% achieved globally.

Aung San Suu Kyi may face genocide charges. Civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the head of the armed forces Gen Aung Min Hlaing, could find themselves in the dock on genocide charges some time in the future.

German pilots refuse to deport rejected asylum seekers Pilots in Germany are refusing to deport rejected asylum seekers, leading to the cancellation of more than 200 flights.

Hundreds of Muslim Uighurs Flee China for Fears of Persecution Those who escaped on Monday had no documents and their nationality could not be determined, a Thai immigration official told Khaosod newspaper.

China, UK and Army fail to remove Robert Mugabe Many political observers and fellow Zimbabweans had been expecting Mr. Mugabe to step down as president after nearly 40 years in power. But the embattled president gave a 20-minute televised speech that acknowledged problems in the nation — and he vowed to soldier on.

Hitler Wax Work Removed from Museum. The Nazi Germany leader was placed against a wall-sized banner depicting the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp with the notorious “Arbeit macht frei” (Work sets you free) sign.

Pro-independence Government of Catalonia Seeks Vote The pro-independence government of Catalonia plans to hold a vote on October 1, despite Spain’s Constitutional Court saying it would be illegal. Catalonia, a wealthy region of 7.5 million people in north-eastern Spain which has Barcelona as its capital, has its own language and culture but is not recognized as a separate nation by the Spanish state.

Sierra Leone Flood Nearly 400 had died in mudslide and flooding in the West African country of Sierra Leone.

Rio slips into a Lawless Land - Army Deployed Violence has been on the rise in Rio since the end of the Olympics nearly a year ago. More than 90 police officers have been killed in Rio state so far this year.

Maduro Claims Election Win  Maduro had insisted that a new constituent assembly would help restore peace in the oil-rich nation. But analysts warned that the vote was likely to further heighten tensions within the country – and further isolate it on the diplomatic stage.

Why Donald Trump Endorsed Wahabi Islam?

He aligned America more firmly with the Sunni kingdoms of the Gulf and  also pleased his royal interlocutors by harshly denouncing the behaviour of Iran, epicentre of the Shia Muslim world.

For Emmanuel Macron the battle has just begun.

The new French leader is frontline fighter for us. Globalization or Nationalism - the road ahead is bumpy and challenging as well

Central African Republic is rich in resources...  Despite bountiful gold, diamonds, uranium, the Central African Republic has been mired in civil war and the legacy of colonization. African Politics

 Afghan Army Chief Forced to Resign Afghanistan's defense minister and army chief of staff were asked resign by President Ghani after the deadliest Taliban attack on a military base. Ghani's office announced in a post on its Twitter account that Defence Minister Abdullah Habibi and Army Chief of Staff Qadam Shah Shahim "stepped down with immediate effect."

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CPEC - threats and potential - an assessment. Long-term political stability in Pakistan is key to success for Pakistan's regional economic pursuits. Pakistan's security situation suggest a troubled future unless sustainable democracy takes root.

India's shame. India is world’s biggest user of groundwater, drawing more than U.S, and China combined. Poor water management in India is depriving Pakistan of vital life line. The country will need to become far more efficient in the way it uses water.

India places curbs on media The Kashmir Reader has been banned for a month but no one has really made a strong statement against it as has been done with NDTV And ironically, the BJ decried the treatment of the media during the 1975 emergency-only to do the same on 2016. It’s only when something happens in Delhi that everyone is up in arms. But beyond Delhi censorship has been had for journalists for a while.. 

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

Rawalpindi Academy of Current Affairs

  Iran and Saudi Arabia. No doubt, Saudi Arabia has objectives and a plan, but in the short term they appear to create more problems for the kingdom than for its arch-rival. The growing anxiety over slump in the oil market and the ageing Kingdom becoming a threat for regional peace?


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Kenyans win ruling against UK.  



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NATO containers are still in the headlines but Pakistan's Art is on the Move!

Pakistani Parliament Demands End to Drone Strikes

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