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Michael Phelps, still the greatest.

Phelps has put his fingerprints all over each event he swims at the Games. But in no event does he have such a personal history with a single athlete as he does with Lochte in the 200 IM.


Aamir Zakauddin write.


Dressed to win: How sportsmen attire for the Games

 Pakistan Hockey: Sport patronized by Unsporting stalwarts!






Medal Positions Rio Olympics 2016

84 USA   28 Gold  28 Silver 28 Bronze 

50 UK   19 Gold  19 Silver 12 Bronze

51 China   17 Gold  15 Silver 19 Bronze

38 Russia   12 Gold  12 Silver 14 Bronze

26 Germany   11 Gold  8 Silver 5 Bronze

23 Italy   8 Gold  9 Silver 6 Bronze

25 France   7 Gold  9 Silver 9 Bronze

27 Japan   7 Gold  4 Silver 16 Bronze

Last updated  7:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time (August 17, 2016)

Rio de Janeiro 2016: Brazilís predicament Rio de Janeiro is hostin South Americaís first Olympic games, giving Brazilians a chance to embark on what they do best: throwing a really spectacular party. Instead, Brazil faces political and economic disaster.


Field Hockey      

(Olympics 2016)

(Olympics 2024)

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