Syed Salahuddin declared a global terrorist

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How Mr clean Musharraf became a billionaire?

The former military dictator Pervez Musharraf accumulated billions in offshore accounts besides the property that he has already purchased abroad or inside Pakistan, alleges a report in a leading Pakistan Newspaper.

During the early months of his taking over as a military dictator following his coup against the Nawaz Sharif government, General Musharraf made his wealth public, which hardly contained any cash but only some plots in different parts of the country. Musharraf claimed to be the Mr Clean of Pakistan.

How did he become a billionaire is a million dollar question? Owing to the broader scope of the commission of inquiry and its power mentioned in the TORs, the commission is fully empowered to summon him and ask him the details of his offshore accounts, a task which couldn’t be done by the accountability bureau and investigating agency. says the report.

University of London not to allow Musharraf event

In yet another UAE Dirham account in the same financial institution — the Union National Bank — Sehba and Musharraf had almost UAE Dirhams 7,600,000 (Rs174 million) last year. The account No is 4003006700. In the fourth account, No4003006711, in the Union National Bank, the duo had UAE Dirhams 8,000,000 (Rs184 million). In the fifth account No4003006722 in the same bank — the Union National Bank — Musharraf and his wife had $8,000,000 (Rs728 million). In the sixth account No 4003006733, Sehba Musharraf and Pervez Musharraf had UAE Dirhams 8,000,000 (Rs184 million) last year. In the seventh account No4003006744, in the same Union National Bank, the duo holds UAE Dirhams 8,000,000 (Rs184 million). In their eighth account in the same bank — the Union National Bank Abu Dhabi — the duo had $1,300,000 (Rs118 million). Read Full Story Subscribe to The Economist magazine 

 Posted on August 22, 2017   

Syed Salahuddin declared a global terrorist


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