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Editor censors Daily Dawn, Staffer


A Dawn staffer discloses that content control is centre to editorial policy of Pakistanís largest circulated English language daily.


Renowned cartoonist and artist Rafiq Ahmed in a recent interview confessed to have experienced the worst kind of self Ėcensorship while working at Dawn under Zafar Abbas. In an interview to a Lahore based monthly, Multan- born, Rafiq Ahmed (aka Fieca), who started his career with The Muslim in early 1980ís lamented that Censorship imposed in Daily Dawn today, is even worse than what he was to experience under Martial Law regime of Zia ul Haq, Pakistanís former military ruler. During Zia years I received tremendous support from the editorsĒ he added.


Disclosure on the state of Editorial controls at Daily Dawn comes from a man who is associated with the newspaper for nearly three decades. Rafiq Ahmed is a respected name in Pakistanís journalist community and enjoys reasonable credibility among the professionals. Rafiq also opined that Arts in Pakistan refuse to flourish as the legacy of Zia haunts freedom of expression.

While Fiecaís interview has raised serious doubts over hitherto Pakistanís prestigious English daily, it has also given a new dimension to controversial Dawn Leaks scandal that has jolted Pakistanís capital in the recent months. The question remains that Mr Zafar Abbas might have played a significant role in the front page story.


In June 2015, Pakistan Armyís former spokesperson General Athar Abbas, who is brother of Zafar Abbas, in an interview to BBC had accused General Kiany (Pakistanís former Army Chief) of reluctance over timely military operation in Wazisistan in the year 2011. That the tone and narrative of both the stories appear similar may have been no coincidence.


Yet Rafiq Ahmed who had in the past had faced the ire of Ziaís military regime has brought in open the credibility of Pakistanís so-called independent media.


June 1, 2017



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