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Nuclear Talks with Iran

Pakistan to hand over Agriculture to China?

Pakistan is an agri-based economy abd for the first time in a shocking reveal Pakistan is to virtually hand-over the entire economy to the Communist China.

Grounds for concerns that Pakistan may not become Chinese colony are not unfounded.

Chinese enterprises will be allowed to operate their own farms, processing facilities for fruits and vegetables and grain. Logistics companies will operate a large storage and transportation system for agrarian produce.

It identifies failure of Punjab Government to to reform Pakistan biggest agricultural economic base, besides raising fear of vanishing organic produce.

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Apparently Pakistan's entire agricultural chain will come under Chinese including animal husbandry, farming and even fisheries.

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While the CPEC was originally considered only a corridor made available to the neighboring China, the shocking details of the extant of Pakistan Government's cooperation with China is yet to come.
There are concerns by the analyst about China's poor Human Rights record and how far can these influence Pakistan's internal affairs.

China's record has remained dismal.

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May  15, 2017


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