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Friday Time magazine  (Reviewed)

After a mixed year, all eyes on CPEC

As 2016 draws to a close and Pakistan completes one half of its fiscal year, It is a good idea to look back and see how are shaping up.growth in the last fiscal year, which ended in June 2016, was the highest in five years, though not spectacular at 4.7percent.other macro indicators did similarly well, with inflation falling to just below 3 percent and the current account deficit to 1.2 percent of GDP.        

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Minting Hindi supremacism?

The reserve bank of India (RBI) recently revealed the designs of the new 500 and 2,000 notes. They confirmed what many feared- that this design overhaul will be use to push certain iconographies that suit the incumbent BJP government. The difference between the old design and the new seem to be centered on three things-Hindi- Dehli and Modi. 



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